William C. Stein, Jr., PE, CCM

 Roadway Construction & Materials Engineering Consultant

Curriculum Vitae

I have more than 45 years of roadway / heavy highway construction and materials engineering experience. He offers consulting and expert services for attorneys on issues regarding road, street, highway, temporary traffic control, runway and earthwork; asphalt, concrete, coatings and other construction materials; plans, specifications, CPM scheduling (Primavera) and contract documents; right-of-way issues and work zone traffic safety. I performed contract performance, forensic investigations and provides consulting, expert reports, rebuttals, and testimony if required.

For contractors, bonding sureties, and road and highway agencies, I provide value engineering plans, cost estimates, contract proposals, interim project management; and claim preparation, analysis, and mediation. 

I have a rich and varied work history that includes, Construction Materials engineering for highways and bridges, Construction work Zone traffic safety, industrial plants, high rise offices and power plants.  I have worked for private owners and general contractors as well as the Departments of Transportation for multiple states.